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Defining tests

test: Click on order online button
- clickOn: $order-online-btn

Tests are defined in YAML. Above the three dashes (---) is where you specify the name of the test and other test-level configurations and below is where you define the tests itself.

The $ sign in tests

- clickOn: $order-online-btn

The $ sign maps to [data-testid='<id>'], a shorthand way to select elements by the test attribute. You can change this at the global or test-level by updating testAttribute.


A selector can be a HTML element, ID, CSS class, attribute, or $.

You can pass selectors either as

- clickOn:

or as an option

- clickOn:

If multiple elements are found, it defaults to getting the element at 0th index. You can get the element at a different index by using the index option.